Wee Ones Reruns Children's Consignment

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much money will I make when my items sell?
  2. 40% on clothing and items under $20.00; 60% on items over $20.00

  3. Do you buy items outright?
  4. No, we only do consignment.

  5. Can I pick up my unsold items?
  6. Yes, you are welcome to pick up your items after 60 days.

  7. What items don't you accept for consignment?
  8. We do not accept any recalled baby equipment or toys. Please do not bring in toys with missing parts or pieces, drop-side cribs, non-bpa free plastics, easy bake ovens, adult clothing (other than maternity) and obviously unusable items (garbage). Also, we do not accept carseats with less than two years left until the expiration date. We do not take skis or snowboarding equipment, however, we stock plenty of snowboots and snow type outerwear, hats, mittens, and gloves.

  9. How do I find out if my account has any money on it?
  10. Please stop by the shop in person. If you must call, please be patient as we have limited staff to look up accounts - We're busy trying to sell your stuff!

  11. How much can I bring at once to consign?
  12. Please bring in approximately 15 items per visit. It's best if you bring them in a bag or box that you can leave with us that is labeled with your name and consignment number.

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