Wee Ones Reruns Children's Consignment

Consignment Policy

Thank you for participating in our store! We appreciate your business and will make every effort to sell your items efficiently and at a fair market value. Please review our rules and policies for selling with us below.

  • There is a $3.00 annual membership fee (which is deducted from your first sale) to cover administrative costs and account maintenance.
  • You will make 40% of the selling price on items under $20.00 and 60% of the selling price on items over $20.00. You will make 30% of the selling price on off-season items which we have stored for you.
  • Wee Ones Reruns accepts only clean items in good condition, and of current styling.
  • Please wash all clothing, shoes, toys, equipment and furniture before bringing them to Wee Ones to consign. If items are in need of cleaning, pressing, or repair, a minimum fee of 80 cents per item to wash, de-stain, sew, iron, etc will be assessed and deducted from your account. Clothing with any odors such as smoke, mildew, or stale smells will be washed at a rate of $8.00 per washer load or 80 cents per item, whichever is less. Equipment in need of cleaning will be assessed fees from $2.00-$10.00 depending on the extent of work and time involved.
  • Any items which we deem not fit for sale will be donated to local charities or disposed of as necessary. Due to the high volume of consignments here as well as time constraints, we do not sort and give back your rejected items. Please be very careful when selecting and preparing your items for consignment. Any item that is stained, torn, too worn or outdated will be donated without notice to the consignor.
  • Wee Ones Reruns will set prices. We reserve the right to markdown or put items on sale at any time. After 15 days prices are automatically reduced on clothing items. After being on the rack for a minimum of 60 days your items may be reduced to $1.00 sale tag items. Proceeds from $1.00 sale tags will be retained by Wee Ones to cover tagging and selling costs. You may pick up your unsold items after 60 days, but we do not have time to pull them for you.
  • Off-season items that are in good condition and are otherwise deemed sellable will be stored for you and sold during the correct season. Any stored off-season items will be sold at a consignment rate of 30% to the consignor.
  • Credits are booked daily and posted to your account on the morning following the sale of your item(s). You can use this credit in the store any time after that. If you would like a cash or check payout instead, it will be available on or after the 1st of the month following the sale.
  • Inactive accounts become the property of Wee Ones Reruns after a period of 1 year following the last consignment drop off. Any money remaining on old accounts is then donated to charity. To keep your account current simply bring us new consignments at least one time per year.
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